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diwali gifts

Diwali Gifting Ideas 2018: 10 Awesome & Affordable Gifts for Diwali

diwali gifts


Diwali is the time when India becomes one big shopping festival. People not only shop for themselves, but also their loved ones.  A month before and after Diwali, retailers – both offline and online bring out their best deals. In fact, brands and stores wait for this time of the year to put out discounts and deals as everyone is in the mood to shop their wits and pockets out. With all the interesting Diwali gifting ideas, you must be waiting for Diwali's shopping season to get the best gifts for your loved ones at even better prices.

Best Diwali Gifting Ideas

With all the crazy deals around, fret not, here is a definitive list of 10 awesome and affordable gifts to buy for your loved ones this Diwali - 

  1. Smart Watches - In times when everything is turning smarter and more intelligent, watches have gone from a device that tells time to a fully-loaded gadget. Smart watches monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and can even be connected to your other fitness trackers. These smart watches also connect to your phone and can manage your calls, messages and alarm clocks. There are a lot of brands, both Indian and International, that make smart watches with a variety of features. These make for great gifts for younger and older ones alike.
  2. Smart Phones – A precedent to smart watches is smart phones. With advancement in technology and global brands making way to Indian markets, you can find a smart phone that’s not only loaded in features but also doesn’t pinch your pocket. Most of these smart phones are launched around Diwali time. You could get a power-packed smart phone in a price that won’t pinch your pockets for your loved ones.
  3. Home Décor Items – There are a number of brands that launch new home décor collections around the time of Diwali. It is in fact considered auspicious to either buy or gift home décor items around Diwali. You can buy decorative home items like figurines, ornate platters, servers, decorative bird cages, colourful lanterns and beautiful candle holders.  Home décor items work best for your grown-up loved ones and can definitely make their day.
  4. Basket of Goodies – Although over done and mostly considered thoughtless, a gift basket could make for a good Diwali gift for your loved ones. You could add gourmet chocolate, assorted Indian sweets and wine; basically everything that could interest a household and make each member of the family immensely happy. Thus, a basket of goodies is one of the best Diwali gifting ideas. They can be awesome and affordable depending on your ability to put them together.diwali gifts
  5. Gift Cards – If you are someone who believes in the power of choice, then gift cards can be perfect for you. Giving someone the freedom to choose what they want for Diwali is extremely thoughtful if you spend a little time knowing your loved one’s favourite store. You could even pick a safe bet in the form of an online market place. Gift cards make for awesome Diwali gifts. 
  6. Home Appliances – Home Appliances definitely deserve a special mention. As there are great offers all around, you can get home appliances at unbeatable prices around Diwali time. Home appliances make for extremely useful gifts. So if you see your mom struggling with her microwave, don’t hesitate to buy her one. Home appliances make for great diwali gifts for mothers, wives, aunts, uncles and anyone who likes to spend their time in the kitchen.
  7. Puja Items – In the hullabaloo of Diwali, one might forget what the spirit of Diwali is all about. We at Swaha Products have Puja Boxes, incense sticks, organic diyas, pure camphor powder and haldi powder. Puja Items make for great Diwali gifting ideas for grown-ups and families too. At Swaha Products, we ship globally. 
  8. Fine Clothes – One of the best gifts for younger ones in the family; good clothes. You could either pick up something according to the taste of the person to whom your gift is intended or you can stick to your Indian roots and pick a traditional attire. Such gifts are unconventional and become a topic of discussion at family meetings during Diwali. Clothes are always an awesome gifting option.
  9. Gift an experience – Although not talked about much, tickets to an experience like a theme park, adventure park or even a concert is one of the best gifts you could give to a loved one on Diwali. To thrive the festive spirit of Diwali in younger ones, give them something that resonates with them. A basket of assorted Indian sweets may get over within days, but something like a visit to a theme park or a concert would be recalled for weeks and even months to come.diwali gifts
  10. Plants and the gift of sustainability – With much ado about the environment in recent times, a cracker-less and green Diwali is what must be promoted. One of the best ways to reiterate the concept of a green and a sustainable Diwali is by giving plants and saplings to your loved ones. An Aloe Vera plant, rose plant and even a tree sapling with a card that says, 'Let’s pledge for a green and cracker-free Diwali this year and for years to come', could go a long way in protecting the environment and your paw buddies. And guess what? Apart from being awesome, this category is super affordable too.

Hope this guide of awesome and affordable Diwali gifting ideas for your loved ones made it easy for you to sift through piles of listicles that come your way every year around Diwali. Still Confused? We strongly advocate SwahaProducts because there is nothing like going back to your roots with some traditional organic diyas and other such products.

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