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30 Awesome Rangoli Designs for Diwali

30 Awesome Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Rangoli designs for diwali

Rangoli, an art form originating in the Indian subcontinent and of particular in Hinduism, is an art form in which patterns are made on the floor using colors, colored rice, pulses powder and even flowers. Rangolis are specially made during Diwali, Onam and Pongal.  Rangoli designs for Diwali are even passed on to the next generation to keep the art and tradition alive. On the day of Diwali, young ones and the adults sit together and make rangolis.

30 Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Fret not, because you’re at the right place. These Rangoli designs could be as simple as concentric circles to something as complicated as a colorful peacock; you can attempt any depending on your skills and abilities. Here is a list of 30 rangoli designs you can make this Diwali -

  1. Simple Flower in the Center – The easiest rangoli design for you to attempt is of a flower. Choose any flower that you are able to make with colors or rice powder or anything you can use. Make a moderately big flower and adorn it with smaller flowers around.
  2. A Star-shaped Flower – This rangoli would be emulating the shape of a star. Likewise as above, you can put smaller star-like flowers around to make it even more beautiful.
  3. A Rose-shaped Rangoli – If you have even little artistic tendencies, you can definitely attempt to make a rose-shaped rangoli. To give it an even better effect, use rose petals for the design.
  4. Figurine Rangoli – If your artistic skills and attention to detail are top notch, make a mythological figurine/apsara in your home. Anyone rarely attempts such a design, so this could definitely make some people go ‘wow’.
  5. Multicolored Flower Rangoli – Make an array of flowers with petals of different colors. You could make this rangoli at the entrance of your home or/and temple.
  6. Geometrical Flowers – Make rangoli with flowers of different colors and arrange lines geometrically around these flowers. With perfect symmetry, this rangoli would be a delight to look at.
  7. Lotus Rangoli – A lotus’s importance in Indian culture is very high. Make a lotus-shaped rangoli at your place. Use flower petals to make this rangoli.
  8. Peacock-shaped Rangoli – Not a work of amateurs, but if you are able to make a peacock-shaped rangoli at your home, it would leave all your guests awestruck. Use vibrant colors like blues and greens to make this rangoli.
  9. Ganpati-shaped Rangoli – Get ready to please all your guests with a ganpati-shaped rangoli at your house during Diwali. Remember that making this would require work and dedication.rangoli designs for diwali
  10. Bird-shaped rangoli – Make a circle with sky blue color and line flying birds around it. This one requires patience and skill but is definitely worth it.
  11. Beach Scene Rangoli – This style of Rangoli is rather contemporary yet definitely alluring. Make a palm tree, beach sand and water. This one is not difficult to make. Use vibrant colors like violet, yellow and orange.
  12. Kathakali Dancer’s Face – In this Rangoli, you make the face of a Kathakali dancer in the center, and around it,  you can make concentric circles and fill them with either different colors or flowers.
  13. Kathakali Dancer’s Headgear – Another rendition of the Kathakali dancer, this rangoli would only have the ornamental headgear of the Kathakali dancer in the center. Likewise, you can either make concentric circles or flowers. This is one of the best rangoli designs for Diwali.
  14. Ethnic Woman – This is a much nuanced rangoli. Choose a certain state/region and make a woman dressed in that state’s textiles. You can use as many colors as you want for this style of rangoli.
  15. 3D Style Flower Rangoli – This one involves three-dimensional layering of colors or flower petals in a floral pattern. Google a few images and you’d easily be able to make this one.
  16. Mountain Rangoli - This rangoli is for those who like to mix traditional art with modern designs.  Just like the beach rangoli, make one in mountains in the center and adorn it with flowers made out of petals or colored rice powder.
  17. Pigeon in Center - The pigeon in center rangoli requires some serious skills. In this rangoli, you have to make a pigeon with either colors or flower petals. Then you encircle the bird with flowers.
  18. Diya Rangoli – In this rangoli, you make a huge diya in the center and encircle it with smaller Diyas. This is one of the most popular rangoli designs for Diwali.
  19. Emoji Rangoli – This rangoli is one example of how you don’t need to stick to traditional designs.  Either make several emojis or have one at the center. Use vibrant colors like yellow and orange for this rangoli.
  20. Goddess Rangoli – We suggest that you make this rangoli around the temple of your house. This one requires serious skills. Use colors like violet, blue and pink for this rangoli.
  21. Diya and Lotus Rangoli – This rangoli combines the best of two worlds; diyas and lotus. In your rangoli, make a lotus in the center and encircle it with lit up diyas.
  22. Ganpati and Diya Rangoli – This rangoli is perfect for those who like to stick to traditions. Make Ganpati in the center and make diyas around it.
  23. Heart Rangoli – In this rangoli, you have to make a heart in the center and make circles around it. Fill those circles with either rose petals or powders of vibrant colors.
  24. Sunrise Rangoli – This one is fairly easy to make. All you have to do is make a sunrise in the center and then make circles around it. Use colors like orange, yellow, purple etc. for this rangoli.
  25. Sunset Rangoli – This rangoli is similar to the sunrise rangoli. The only difference being that you make your sun ombre. Go for this one, but only if you have artistic skills.
  26. Ombre Flowers Rangoli – Rangoli is a traditional form of art. For this design, you use colors in an ombre fashion. Look for pictures online to see the correct usage of colors.
  27. Marigold Rangoli -  In this rangoli, you have to make a marigold in the center with colors, and then you surround it with real marigold flowers. You can make this rangoli if you are running short on time.rangoli designs for diwali
  28. Fruits Rangoli – In this rangoli, you make a fruits basket in the center and make circles around it. Fill the concentric circles with bright colors.
  29. Waterfall Rangoli – This rangoli requires some serious skills. You have to use different shades of blue to make a waterfall. It requires skill and patience, but is totally worth it.
  30. House Rangoli – In this rangoli, you make a house in the center and make flowers and diyas around. Use every color at your behest for this rangoli.

Hope these 30 rangoli designs for Diwali inspired you to make them during the festive season. They are not only beautiful to look at but fun to make too.

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