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Free Shipping on All orders above INR 500*

Swaha Rangoli Kit | Create Stunning Rangoli Art with Ease

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Original price Rs. 499.00
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Elevate your festive decor with our all-in-one Rangoli Kit, designed to make traditional Indian art accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Perfect for Diwali, Navratri, and other special occasions, this kit includes everything you need to craft intricate and vibrant rangoli designs that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

  1. Rangoli Powder (1 kg): Our high-quality Rangoli powder is available in a generous 1-kilogram pack. It comes in a vibrant array of colors to help you create striking and intricate patterns.

  2. Brown Soil Rangoli / Geru Mitti Powder (100g): Add an authentic touch to your rangoli designs with 100 grams of brown soil rangoli or Geru Mitti powder, perfect for outlining and detailing your artwork.

  3. Stencil (1): Achieve precision and symmetry effortlessly with our reusable rangoli stencil. The intricate designs will help you create consistent and eye-catching patterns.

  4. Rangoli Stamp Dabbi (2): These rangoli stamp dabbis are designed for easy and precise filling of your rangoli designs. They allow you to add intricate details with ease.

  5. Dot Bottle (1): Create uniform and perfectly spaced dots in your rangoli designs with the included dot bottle. Ideal for making flower patterns and other decorative elements.

  6. Colour Filling Bottle (1): Achieve smooth and controlled color application with the color filling bottle. Perfect for filling in larger areas of your rangoli designs.


The designs of stencil and rangoli containers are diverse and subject to frequent variation.