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Free Shipping on All orders above INR 500*

Swaha Pure KumKum - IISC Certified Kumkum

Original price Rs. 99.00 - Original price Rs. 199.00
Original price
Rs. 99.00
Rs. 99.00 - Rs. 199.00
Current price Rs. 99.00
MRP (Inclusive of all Taxes) - ₹1.98/gms

At Swaha, we take pride in making pure, natural products. Kumkum was one of the first products we started making. It was born out of need, since we couldn't find any unadulterated, pure Kumkum in the market.

Traditionally, Kumkum is made from Haldi. We start with pure Haldi, add slate (commonly called Slate and scientifically called Calcium Carbonate), which is a naturally occurring substance. The turmeric goes through few steps of washing, heating and cooling before the golden yellow changes to red. And that's our Kumkum.

The Swaha Kumkum will never leaves stains on your forehead, and there won't be any allergies, pimples of hair fall. Smell the Kumkum and tell us if you cannot smell turmeric!

Our Kumkum are available in Red and Maroon colour.

Get your delivery in just 24 hours in Bangalore!

Check out our Purity Certifications from IISC, Bangalore.