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Free Shipping on All orders above INR 500*

AkhandJyot Cotton Short Wicks

Original price Rs. 99.00 - Original price Rs. 297.00
Original price
Rs. 99.00
Rs. 99.00 - Rs. 297.00
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MRP (Inclusive of all Taxes) -  ₹ 0.99/pcs

  • High-Quality Cotton Wick: Our Akhand Jyot Cotton Wick is made from premium quality cotton, ensuring a clean and steady flame for a longer duration.
  • Long Burning Time: Experience an extended period of illumination with our Akhand Jyot Cotton Wick, as it is designed to burn steadily, providing a continuous source of light for your devotional practices.
  • Ideal for Religious Rituals: Whether for daily prayers, festive celebrations, or special religious occasions, our Akhand Jyot Cotton Wick is perfect for creating an auspicious and divine atmosphere during your spiritual practices.
  • Purity and Sanctity: The use of cotton wicks in spiritual rituals and ceremonies symbolizes purity and sanctity. By choosing our Akhand Jyot Cotton Wick, you ensure an authentic and sacred experience.
  • Usage: Swaha Akhand Jyot Cotton Wicks help make your daily puja rituals more elegant and lively. You can use them with Akhand Jyot Lamps, Ghee & Oil Diyas or lamps. They are perfect use during daily poojas for ritual and lightning purposes

Each box has 100 wicks.