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Free Shipping on All orders above INR 500*

Smt. Taraben Doshi Aarti Thali Competition 2022 - FAQs




How can I register for the Aarti Thali Competition this year?

Registering for the Smt. Taraben Aarti Thali Competition is easy. All you need to have with you is the number you use for WhatsApp. It will also be great if you have these:

  • An email id
  • An Instagram account
  • A Facebook account

Just fill up this registration form to complete the registration process. Once you’ve registered for the competition, you will receive a confirmation message on your Whatsapp number. 

Are there any eligibility criteria?

No, there aren’t any eligibility criteria one needs to fulfil to participate in the competition. The competition is open to individuals of all ages,  genders, and groups. We accept entries from people all across the world.

Do I need to pay an entry fee to be able to participate in the competition?

No, entry to the competition always has been and will be FREE. 

What is the last date to submit my entry?

You can submit your entries by October 7th at midnight (the last day of Navratri). 

When will the results be declared?

The results will be declared on the day of Sharad Poornima (October 9th).

What is the last date to register for the competition?

The last date to register for the competition is 7th Oct 2022.

Can I participate in the contest if I don’t live in India?

While we welcome entries from countries worldwide, it’s important to note that we don’t ship the prizes outside India. To be eligible to win the prizes, you must provide a valid Indian postal address in the registration form.

What should be the size of the aarti thali?

The aarti thali should be between 12-16 inches in diameter (end to end).

Are there any restrictions on the materials I can use while decorating the aarti thali?

Yes, the following rules are to be followed while decorating the aarti thali: 

  • No paper is to be used in decorating Aarti Thali. 
  • Black-colored decoration items can’t be used to decorate the Aarti Thali.
  • The Aarti Thali shouldn’t have pictures of any god or goddesses as the primary purpose of Aarti Thali is to worship the gods.
  • The Aarti Thali should have an oil or ghee diya that could be lit and used for aarti.
  • The decision of the judges will be considered the final decision.
  • Multiple entries aren’t allowed.

Who are the judges?

Our panel of judges includes members of the Doshi family and other eminent, creative people.

What are the prizes to be won?

In this thali design competition, everyone is a winner. We have many multiple prizes such as 

  1. Judges Choice Award
  2. Most Liked Award
  3. Referral Award
  4. Innovative Design Award
  5. Award for top 500 designs
  6. Participation certificate for all participants

What is the "Judges Choice Award"?

Our judges will choose 4 Aarti Thali designs they like the most. Points are given for creativity, uniqueness, and innovation when selecting the materials for the aarti thali design. 

The award is given to 4 thalis who get the maximum points based on the above factors.

What is the prize for the "Judges Choice Award"?

The top 4 Thali designs selected by our judges will be awarded a 160gm Pure Silver Lakshmi Diya each.

What is the "Most Liked Award"?

The Aarti Thali that gets the highest number of likes on our social media handles will be awarded the” Most Liked Award.”

We will post all the aarti thali designs we receive on our social media handle. We will also share the link so you can ask your friends and family to like that picture on our social media handles. The thali design with the maximum number of likes by 7th October 2022 will be selected as the winner for this category.

What is the prize for the "Most Liked Award"?

The most liked Thali design will be awarded a 160gm Pure Silver Lakshmi Diya.

What is the "Referral Award"?

The person who refers the highest number of people to participate in the Aarti Thali Design Competition wins the Referral Award. Each participant gets a referral code (their WhatsApp number) once registered in the competition. The participant can then send this referral code (don't worry, we will send over the referral message template once you have registered for the contest) to their friends and family. 

Just ensure that the people you refer to register for the competition fill out your Whatsapp number in the form. The more participants you refer to participate in our contest, the higher your chances of winning the Referral Award prize.

Simple, isn't it? So get as many of your friends and family to participate as you can and spread the word far and wide, and you could win the referral award prize!

What is the prize for the "Referral Award"?

The person who refers the maximum number of people to participate in the event will be awarded a 160 gm Pure Silver Lakshmi Diya.

What is the "Swaha Innovative Design Award"?

Decorate your Aarti Thali using Swaha products, and the Thali with the most innovative and creative design will be awarded the prize.

What is the prize for the "Swaha Innovative Design Award"?

The most innovative Thali design will be awarded a 160gm Pure Silver Lakshmi Diya.

What is the "Top 500 Award"?

Each of the top 500 designs will be awarded a special gift hamper from Swaha.

Where will the winner details be posted?

Winner details shall be posted on our social media pages.

In case I win, how do I claim my prize?

We will be contacting you on the number you have registered with us. If you haven’t received a call from us in the next 30 days of the prize announcement, you can contact us at +91 98450 23453. 

If I win, when will I get my prize?

Upon confirmation of your claim, your prize shall be shipped to your Indian Postal Address (as provided by you at the time of registration). No prizes shall be shipped outside addresses out of India.