Swaha Grand Navratri Combo

Swaha Grand Navratri Combo

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Swaha Grand Navratri Puja Thali Contains : 

1) Cow Ghee Tea Light Diyas  12 pieces
2) One pack Golden Champa Agarbatti
3) One pack Maya Agarbatti
4) Haldi
5) Kumkum (Red)
6) Puja Camphor 15pcs
7) Panchadeepam Oil - 500ml
8) Akhandjyot 3pcs White
9) Sambrani Cups
10) Candy Loban Dhoop Sticks
11) Free Gift - Moli - 2pcs
12) Panchagavya Diya - 5 pcs

Swaha Grand Navratri Puja Thali comes with everything you need to make your Navratri puja rituals stand out and appease Maa Durga. Add to the divine aura of temples and puja pandals with the blissful fragrance of Swaha Sambhrani Cups, Golden Champa & Maya Agarbattis, and our special Candy Loban Dhoop Sticks. Then don't just light the lamp using low-quality cotton wicks; use Swaha Twisted Akhand Jyoth wicks with Pancha Deepam oil to brighten up the space during these 9 days of Navratri.

Our pure Cow Ghee Tea Light Diya burns for a longer-time without leaving behind any harmful residue and can be placed without a diya holder. By using Swaha Pure Haldi which is made of dried turmeric roots & Kumkum which is made of dried turmeric roots and slate lime, you can ensure that it doesn't cause any rashes or itching when applied on skin.

This Thali comes with a free gift of 5 Panchagavya Diya's with ghee to fill your living space with positive energy. The residue of the diyas can be used as a natural manure for plants. You can use our Moli's as required to complete your special festive rituals this year. May Maa Durga shower many blessings to you and your family this Navratri.