Ganesh Chaturthi Combo Pack 2
Ganesh Chaturthi Combo Pack 2

Ganesh Chaturthi Combo Pack 2

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Ganesh Chaturthi Combo Pack Contains :

1) One Pack Cow Ghee Diya (1 Hour burning time - 30 pieces)
2) One Pack Cow Ghee Diya (30 min burning time - 30 pcs)
3) Two Pack Sandalwood & Whitemusk Agarbatti
4) One Pack Smokeless Camphor
5) Haldi & Kumkum Red
6) Akhand Jyoth Short Wicks
7) Pancha Deepam Oil 100ml
8) Dhoop Cones
9) Sambrani Cups


Add special meaning to your prayer rituals with our Premium Pooja Pack. Swaha Premium Puja Pack is specially curated for those who want the best when it comes to their puja rituals. Our premium puja pack comes with 2 Packs of Cow Ghee Diya (each pack comes with 30pcs of Pure Cow Ghee Diya that has a long burning time of 30mins & 60mins respectively), 1 pack each of Sandalwood & Whitemusk Agarbatti, 1 Pack of Smokeless Camphor, 1 pack each of Pure Haldi and Red Kumkum, 1 pack of Dhoop Cones, 1 pack of long-lasting Akhand Jyot short wicks, 2 Pcs of Janeu, and 1 pack of Sambrani cups with along with a 100ml bottle of Pancha Deepam Oil. All the items in our premium puja pack are curated to ensure that your special festival rituals are as grand as rituals can be.