Swaha Festive Puja Pack

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Swaha Festive Puja Pack contains :

1) One Pack Cow Ghee Diya ( 1 Hour burning time - 30 pieces)
2) One Pack Maya Agarbatti  (2 hours burning time)
3) One Pack AkhandaJyot  (100 pieces)
4) One Pack Puja Camphor (15 pieces)
5) One Pack Sambhrani Cups ( 12 pieces)
6) Pure Haldi
7) Pure Kumkum -Red

When it comes to festivities, there should be no holding back! We at Swaha bring you, Swaha Festive Puja Pack with that in mind.

Add special meaning to your festive puja with our Pure Cow Ghee Diya, Maya Agarbatti with a long burning time of two hours, long-lasting Akhand Jyot Pure Cotton Wicks, and Pure Haldi and Red Kumkum. And that’s not all! Our festive special puja pack also comes with 1 Pack of Pure Camphor and Sambhrani Cups made of eco-friendly materials that will ensure your devotion and prayer is complete and leaves behind a positive aura in your home and office.